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The params keyword in C#

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Specifying the the C# params keyword as a function argument allows one to pass a variating number of arguments to the function. The type of the arguments should be specified preceding the params keyword. When calling the function, the arguments can be specified comma-delimited, or passwd in as a simple array. The arguments can be also omitted. When declaring a function, the params keyword should go last in the params list. No arguments are allowed after the params is specified. Also no two params are allowed in the declaration. Also notice the arguments can only be of same type only. You can specify generic object type, ut in this can you have to distinguish between arguments.

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OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog

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In C#.NET development environment, the common dialog windows for opening and saving files are represented by the OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog classes. The classes have much in common, so let's look at them together in this article.

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Google Drive Explanation

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Google Drive is a cloud data storage platform, which is widely used over the globe. The copyrights are owned by Google. This app allows users to save their personal data (files, images, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) on google cloud servers and also share the files within a company or with other users to download or even view online. The Google Drive suite includes, but not limited to Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations. Google drive is similar to Microsoft Office, but with much less editing capabilities, but all data available in the cloud. Google Drive is a replacement of Google Docs. Currently, the Gooogle Drive suite has around 300 million users.

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Database Initialization Strategies in EF 6 Code-First

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If you need to create database for your EF6 application you will need to think about initialization strategy. How to ensure the correct initialization of the database for the first time and also ensure it will not be re-created second time onwards? How to ensure it won't create a new database every time the ASP.NET Core application run? How can we deploy one database for a debug environment and another database for production environment? Entity Framework Does provide several strategies for database creation. They are called the database initialization strategies.

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RTC Wake Up option in BIOS Settings

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The RTC Wake Up option is responsible for automatically turning on the power of the computer at a certain time and day (by "alarm clock"). Usually this feature is not used ( Disabled ). The exceptions are cases when it is necessary to periodically perform certain actions in an automatic mode - for example, to run a computer scan for viruses at night. Then this option must be enabled ( Enabled ).

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What is Universal Windows Platform?

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The UWP (Universal Windows Platform) is a unified platform for building and running apps on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

UWP is the evolution of earlier technologies. So, with the release of Windows 8, a new architectural platform for applications was introduced - Windows Runtime (WinRT), which allowed running applications in the so-called Modern (Metro) mode on desktops and tablets. Then, with the release of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, this technology was developed - there were "universal applications" that could run immediately Windows 8.1 and WP8.1. And in July 2015, the new Windows 10 OS was officially released. It uses the UWP platform, which is an evolution of the Windows Runtime.

As the name of the platform suggests, it is universal - universal for all devices in the Windows 10 ecosystem. And these are ordinary destops, tablets, mobile devices, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, Xbox, Surface Hub devices. And a UWP app can work the same on all of these platforms as long as they have Windows 10 installed.

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1 1 1 1 1 WM_MOUSEMOVE message5.00Rating 5.00 (1 Vote)

The WM_MOUSEMOVE Message is posted to a window when the cursor moves. If the mouse is not currently captured, this message is posted to the window that contains the cursor. If the mouse is captured, the WM_MOUSEMOVE message is posted to the window that has captured the mouse. A window receives this message through the windows procedure function.

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Using Ninject in C# ASP.NET MVC5 Projects

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The IoC containers are used for dependency injection. There are many IoC containers, we use Ninject, as it is easy to use and understand. You can install the required package via NuGet. The package is called Ninject.MVC5

After installing the package, we can already use Ninject in the project. For example, let's change the constructor of the controller as follows:

using Ninject;
public class HomeController : Controller
    IRepository repo;
    public HomeController()
        IKernel ninjectKernel = new StandardKernel();
        repo = ninjectKernel.Get<IRepository>();
    public ActionResult Index()
        return View(repo.List());

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Basic SQL Commands Every Developer Should Know

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The SQL or Structured Query Language (structured query language) is used to manage data in a relational database system (RDBMS). In this article, you will learn about frequently used SQL commands that every developer should know. This material is ideal for those who want to refresh their knowledge of SQL before a job interview. We will be using MySQL or MariaDB syntax in this article. But most of the commands are patform-independent and will work on SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, OracleDB and others. 

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How to Set Programmatic Breakpoint in JavaScript

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Modern browsers hav vast debugging capabilities. They include variable watching, code un-minifying, regular and conditional JavaScript code breakpoints. If you want to set a breakpoint to code, you need to open browser debugging console, find the subject code line and then just press the button "Place breakpoint"

But what if you want to place breakpoint in code when you actually write the code? This is much easier when you write your own code, no need to locate the code line twice (in editor and in debugger), it is persistent and more clean.

So, to place progammatic breakpoint in your JavaScript code, just use the debugger instruction:


If the JavaScript debugger is active (i.e. developer window is open), the browser will stop on this code line.


You can even place conditional breakpoints:

if (x==5) breakpoint;

The mentioned breakpoint will stop the debugger only if x can be equalized to 5. 



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