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Google Drive Explanation

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Google Drive is a cloud data storage platform, which is widely used over the globe. The copyrights are owned by Google. This app allows users to save their personal data (files, images, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) on google cloud servers and also share the files within a company or with other users to download or even view online. The Google Drive suite includes, but not limited to Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations. Google drive is similar to Microsoft Office, but with much less editing capabilities, but all data available in the cloud. Google Drive is a replacement of Google Docs. Currently, the Gooogle Drive suite has around 300 million users.

In order to function on the client computer, Google Drive requires client software installed. The client software repeatedly synchronizes files between the computer and the remote server cloud. The client saves the file on his computer to a designated folder and this file is uploaded to the cloud and synced to all editors and viewers of the same file. The file can also be shared across multiple accounts. Even the anonymous user without a google account can view the file. To edit the file one will need a valid google account.

Google Drive software can be run in a browser window, but is also available for many platforms: Windows (XP/7/8/10), Mac OS X or higher; Android devices with Android version as low as Android 2.1 and above; Also Apple devices iPhone, iPad are supported.

Google Drive is also available for offline edit in the Google Chrome browser by installing the Chrome app from Web Store. One can also view and edit documents and spreadsheets through dedicated Android applications. The files can be easily converted to Microsoft Office format, opened with third-party apps like Open Office, Libre Office, etc.

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