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6 Best Practices for Modern SEO (2019)

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google-search-chrome-360Google’s search results aren’t what they used to be. Need proof? Just look at its results page. No longer solely comprised of traditional, organic site matches, in 2019, Google lists local maps, images, videos and social cues as well — and it’s affecting more than just what you see.

If you rely heavily on search engines for pageviews and sales, as many businesses do, Google search results will drastically affect how your customers find you. If your business needs to be seen and clicked, take into account the following six search engine tips.

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How to Rank First on Google

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It can be challenging to rank first on Google's list of search results. There is no guarantee that you will be first, and even ranking on the first page can require a lot of work. Nevertheless, it is possible. Follow the steps in this article to find out how to rank first in Google.

1. Choose Your Keyword Phrase to Rank First in Google

First, you need to choose a phrase that you want to target. For this article we will use the phrase "frying soybeans" just for fun. So for your purpose, we will imagine that you want to rank first on Google when users type in "frying soybeans".

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Is MFC dead? Does MFC have a future?

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“Is MFC dead?” is arguably the most common question appearing on the VC++ newsgroups along with variants like “Does MFC have a future?” and “Can MFC applications run on Windows 10, 11, etc.?”. A short answer would be, “No, MFC is not dead, and you can continue to develop applications using MFC and be assured that they will run on Windows 10” For a more involved answer, continue reading.

What makes a technology dead? The fact that nobody uses it any more? If so, MFC is not dead now nor will it die in the next 20 years – because, the number of people using MFC must be in the millions right now and even assuming that newer adopters would be fewer as the years go by, the amount of MFC code is so extensive that there will be a large number of developers continuing to work on it. Okay, so that definition of death wouldn’t apply here. How about considering a technology to be dead if its development is frozen? If so, same results – MFC is simply not dead! MFC has got some new additions (mostly classes that allow it to interact easily with Windows Forms) and MFC will continue to be enhanced by third-party developers. Okay, so all this talk of a dead MFC is rubbish! Next point.

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What’s up with MFC in Visual Studio 2011 Beta

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Hello, I’m Pat Brenner, a developer on the Visual C++ Libraries team. Through this blog post I wanted to share some information about the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library, since I am the primary developer working on MFC.

As you know, MFC is an important technology component which has been extensively used over the years by C++ developers to build desktop applications for Windows. In every product release, we make enhancements to the library, whether it is taking advantage of features in newer versions of the Windows operating system or adding fixes for common developer issues. With the recent release of Visual Studio 11 Beta, there have been some concerns among the MFC developers about the apparent lack of focus on MFC.

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Marketing: How to Outreach to Diverse Communities

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There are five simple steps to developing and expanding your outreach activities. These steps are similar to those involved in most
marketing plans.

  1. Establishing goals.
  2. Identifying and understanding target audiences.
  3. Developing specific strategies for achieving goals.
  4. Defining objectives.
  5. Evaluating success and soliciting feedback.

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Why Marketing to Diverse Communities Matters

1 1 1 1 1 Why Marketing to Diverse Communities Matters5.00Rating 5.00 (861 Votes)

Marketing and Community Relations are the processes that an organization uses to connect with its various constituents such as clients,volunteers, donors, community partners, and peers.

• The American Marketing Association defines marketing as “creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and managing
customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.”
• Community relations are your interactions with the community in which your organization operates. Community relations emphasize
fostering trust through interactions.

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Community-marketing: to apply or to refuse?

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In today's note I want to mention of one more marketing tool which can both to do much harm, and to help the companies with strengthening of the competitive position. It will be a question about application of community-marketing or «marketing to communities».

First of all, we will deal with the concept of community. In a case with a product or service (namely about this will er blog), the community is a group of the active users united by the general interest to the given product. Concept "interest" is wide enough are councils about product use, area of its application, discussion about improvement of fuctions, discussion of products-competitors, resolution of problems with use of a product and other.

The key moment for formation of high-grade community is possibility of communications between its participants, knowingly the word community is conformable to a word "communicate".

In a century of information technology presence of community around your product is capable to introduce essential value in a marketing complex. Let's consider these pluses:

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Community Marketing

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If you are trying to leverage communities as part of your marketing, there are a few things you need to approach differently.

1. Think consumer tribes – not market segments

The most important thing to know about your potential community members is how they behave with one another. That is much more important than to understand the market segment to which they belong based on market characteristics. That does not mean that traditional market segmentation will not allow you to discover tribes in some cases. As someone pointed out last week when we presented this concept at the BRITE conference, traditional market segmentation might have uncovered the stay-at-home moms as a segment in the health market. While true, traditional market segmentation would have described them by age bracket, income level and other such characteristics – and not by the behavioral characteristics that are so critical to understand how to structure the initial community.

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