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How to create .zip files in Ubuntu Linux

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On a Windows machine, creating a zip archive is very easy: you can right-click on a file or folder, open "Send" menu and then click "Compressed ZIP folder". Or, you can use more advanced archivers like 7-Zip archiver, or WinRAR archiver. Their interface is quite self-explanatory, and easy to use.

But sometimes, you need to create a .zip archive on a Linux machine. This is required when doing a website backup, before downloading large number of files and other tasks.

To create .zip files in Ubuntu Linux, in the command line type:

zip -r archive-name directory-name

This will create archive named "" and add directory-name directory to it, including all subdirectories.

For example, to create an archive of directory /home/user/www, issue the following command:

zip -r ./ /home/user/www

This will create file in the current directory and add the contents of folder /home/user/www including all subdirectories to this archive.

See complete usage of zip command in Linux here

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