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My name is Artem Moroz, and I offer you to advertise on my website.

This is my personal blog about interesting software development technologies, coding examples, development news, and similar.

The auditory of this website is mainly from the United States, Germany, Canada, India, Italy, South Korea, Poland, Singapore.

The approximate amount of visitors is 500/month

I offer you an every-page top-side banner like the one you've clicked for just US$20/month.

If you are interested in advertising on Premius, feel free to write me a letter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Premius professional services

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Premius Inc. offers high-grade professional technology sevices, including, but not limited to:

Internet Market Research - We can offer you a reports about the demand for a specific product, software, application, estimate the monetary income on selling it to Internet users. We can also prepare the promotional materials, create Unique Trade Propositions. You can gather the information about your product demand actually long before you start developing and investing in it.

Website design and programming - Do you want to create a website, that will not just promote, but actually SELL your product? We can create such a website for you! Also, we can greatly improve your existing website usability, so you can turn it into a 24/7 working selling machine!

CMS installing and tweaking - We can develop any of the desired plug-ins, themes and skins for CMS Joomla 1.x/2.x, Magento 1.x, Virtuemart 1.x/2.x and others.

C++/MFC application development - We have 15 years experience in developing desktop, and Server applications using C++, WinAPI, MFC frameworks. We can develop an app for you of any complexity, with high quality code, thorough testing, high-grade support. Besides apps for Microsoft Windows OS, we can develop applications for Linux platform, both desktop and server.

Hardware development - We are experienced professionals in the field of embedded and microcontroller device development. We have already developed complex automation projects based on Atmel AVR Microcontrollers, STMicroelectronics and ARM Microcontrollers.

If you have a demand for an outsourcing program development, we can offer you our fast and reliable services. Just write us an inquiry.

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